Sewing Machine Feet

IMG_20160626_110700The Zipper Foot

These are an essential foot in my humble opinion. It allows you to get the sewing machine needle up and close to the teeth of your zip. That gives you more control of the end result of your project.

The foot has two sides to it, a left and a right. You need a clip on adaptor to fit the foot in the photo. You then clip it on to either side, depending on which side of the teeth you are sewing.  If you’re not sure which side you need, clip the foot on to one side and then put your project underneath. If you’re not as close as you want to be, move the foot to the other side.


What else can I use it for?

The zipper foot is also great for sewing in piping cord trim. It means you can get close to the cord itself, leaving less of the flange visible.

Variations on the Foot

The foot can also come as a screw on version, meaning you don’t need the clip on adaptor.

A further variation is the invisible zipper foot.

Tips for Use

Make sure your machine needle is in the right position before you sew. To check, fit the foot and then slowly lower the needle using the fly wheel on the right hand side of the machine (that’s the wheel on the end). If the needle hots the foot, adjust the position before you start sewing. On some machines you can move the needle with a button marked L, M & R (left, middle and right).

Check the machine is set for a straight stitch. This foot can’t be used with a zig zag stitch-the needle will hit the foot and break.


Zips part III

Yes I’m still talking about zips but they really do form such an important part of the the sewer’s routine. I’ve just stumbled across this rather helpful video about how to mend a broken zip so I’m sharing it. With you. Because I think you need to know.

So simple and so clever.

Please feel free to share with your dearest, nearest and in neediest.


Putting a zip in properly has got to be one of the most satisfying things you can do (save for ending world hunger but I digress, this is sewing world). Zips are functioning but can also look lovely and if done well, you can merrily sit there, zipping and unzipping your creation.

I mention this as I baste and sew in a zip in a wedding dress for a future bride. This has got to be one of the most important zips in her life-fail and she’ll remember it forever (and so will a few more people). That’s why I’m putting in a tiny hook at the top to make sure it won’t crash her party.