Upcycling clothes part I

Now none of us are that flush at the moment so this is a good time to chat about making do and a bit of mending.

I’ve just got my winter coat out (brrrr…chilly….) the lovely classic felt coat I bought a few years ago and designed to last into my forties (maybe). Well I’m getting a wee bit twitchy about it, it’s a great coat but it’s boring.

With some luck behind me, I happened upon some gorgeous coconut shell enamelled buttons for a rather good price so I’ve whipped off a few of the coat’s buttons and replaced them.

Voila! Not a vast change but it makes me feel just a bit happier which is what it’s all about.


Zips part III

Yes I’m still talking about zips but they really do form such an important part of the the sewer’s routine. I’ve just stumbled across this rather helpful video about how to mend a broken zip so I’m sharing it. With you. Because I think you need to know.

So simple and so clever.

Please feel free to share with your dearest, nearest and in neediest.

Interesting facts about zips

Following from my last post about zips, have at look at your zip, does it have YKK on it? About 90% of the world’s zips are made by this one company, Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha (Yoshida manufacturing company). It’s a Japanese owned company that like so many in this part of the world, flexes its might across several sectors (architecture, machinery…)

I used to live in Japan hence my interest in YKK indeed there was an outlet for the company within a few hundred yards of my little apartment. I used to wonder what went on behind their doors but never felt it was quite appropriate or sensible to knock and ask. I suspect they would have been quite kind but suspicious as to why one of the three foreign teachers in town was having a nose round.

YKK produce 7 million zips a day according to their website, suggesting that there are a similar amount of zips that fail every day. Now I’m not elitist about zips but I do feel that if you have the know-how to make 7,000,000 zips, you’re probably doing something right. YKK I salute (and bow to) you.