Five things to do with Fat Quarters before Christmas

Fat quarters are handy sized pieces of fabric and there is so much you can do with them! Here are 5 ideas:


  1. Make a pincushion. Every sewist needs one and yours can be truly unique if you design it yourself. Make sure you fill it with plenty of stuffing and embellish it as you please! 
  2. Make a little lined zippered pouch, whether for pencils or make up. There are dozens of tutorials for these online. A FQ is ample fabric for outer and lining, but you can get creative by using a contrasting FQ for the lining perhaps.  You just need a zip and perhaps some interfacing to stiffen the bag. Box out the corners and bob’s your uncle. 
  3. Transform a cushion, pillow case or item of clothing with appliqué. Using bondaweb you can cut out from the FQ the shape you’d like to use, and iron it on where you want it.  Secure it with a decorative machine or hand stitch round the edge of the shape. DSCF0321 DSCF0322
  4. Make binding for the edge of a quilt. Cut the FQ into strips of each 2 1/4 inches wide. Join them together until you’ve got a strip long enough to go around the quilt.  Press in half lengthways, stitch to front of quilt with raw edges together then turn and hand sew to the back.
  5. Make home or Christmas decorations.  Use templates to cut out stockings, hearts, stars or reindeer, sew 2 wrong sides together, turn through, stuff and sew closed.  Add a ribbon for hanging or decoration.



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