Understanding your yarn stash

One way of determining the weight of an unknown yarn is to use the wrapping method.

Wrap the yarn around a large needle or a ruler. Make sure the yarn lies flat. Push the yarn together so there are no gaps between wraps. Smooth it out so it is neither too loose nor too tight. Measure the number of wraps per inch (2.5 cm). For better accuracy, measure the wraps at the centre of your yarn sample.

Standard Yarn Weight System Yarn Type (US) Ply (UK, NZ, AU)
m/100g Wraps Per Inch (WPI)
0 or Lace Thread, Cobweb and Lace 1 – 3 ply 600-800 18+ wpi
1 or Superfine Fingering 4 ply 400-480 14 wpi
2 or Fine Sport 5 ply 300-400 12 wpi
3 or Light DK 8 ply 240-300 11 wpi
4 or Medium Worsted 10 ply 120-240 9 wpi
5 or Bulky Bulky 12 ply 100-130 7 wpi
6 or Super Bulky Super Bulky Less than 100 5-6 wpi

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