Sewing a simple pin cushion

I found this really simple tutorial and thought I’d share it. Every sewist needs a pin cushion and this one is rather cute!

It’s very simple to make, so today, I’ll show you how.

Because we’re all about recycling here,
I’m using this old t-shirt.
But go ahead and use fabric scraps.

Cut a rectangle (this one’s 7 ” x 5″) out of the fabric,
fold it in half & sew the ends together.

Sew a running stitch on one end & pull
the thread to “seal” the bottom.
Knot the thread.

Turn the fabric inside out.
Add stuffing.

Close the top with running stitch.
Pull the thread & knot the end.

To make the tomato “ribs”, pass a threaded needle at the “core” to the outside. Do this several times, making the stitches as tight as you want.
Make the “crown” from green felt & stitch this to the top of the tomato.
TADA! Your very own pin cushion!


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