Top Sewing tips chapter I

The Sewing Hub

I spend a lot of time dispensing sewing and dressmaking tips so I thought I’d collate a few into a list to share… here goes

  1. Always read through all of the instructions first and measure twice….or even three times and cut once.
  2. Position yourself in front of the sewing machine so the needle lines up to your tummy button, no more backaches.
  3. Sew for 20 mins. then get up walk or do something different then back to sewing.
  4. There’s no sewing police so cut and style as you see fit.
  5. If you’re angry, cross or tired, put the sewing down and do something else otherwise it will come out in your sewing.
  6. Walk away if things start to go wrong and go back to it later.
  7. Don’t bite thread, use scissors, it’s tougher that you think.
  8. Wash your hands before you handle the fabric.
  9. Before you sew on a machine, do a tester to check the tension.
  10. Learn how to set the tension on your machine! Not sure how to do that? Read this

More tips coming soon!



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