Sewing (& knitting) Gauges

One of the things I sell more of than anything else are sewing gauges (also known as knitting gauges). They are a handy little tool, about 6 inches in length and made of aluminium. They have so many uses I can hardly begin to tell you all about them but here’s a few…



Their rigid shape means they are great for measuring seam allowances with ease. They can also give you a perfect hemline every time (well you have to be able to sew straight but it’s an aid), measuring tension squares in knitting, marking out distances between things like buttons and buttonholes, and poking pins out of the carpet.

While not a vitally necessary tool, it can make sewing much easier and more pleasant. In addition to measuring tapes, rulers, and other tools of the trade, the sewing gauge will help a seamstress turn out products with a crisp, professional look. It is also useful in quilting and the crafting arts, and some other trades, such as woodworking, have adopted the tool as well.

If you’re now thinking you can’t live without one of these little wonders, pop on over to my ebay store and help yourself to one for just £1.15 +p&p



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