Make a strawberry skirt (toddler sized!)

Strawberry skirt

I sell fabric and haberdashery online and recently made use of some of my own fabric to make my little girl a new simple skirt. The fabric is just irresistible and perfect for children’s clothes. I know you shouldn’t get high on your own supply as I believe Michelle Pfeiffer once said but it was just a little bit…..  I sell it and more through my ebay store so if you like it, help yourself to some here.

The skirt itself is simple and only needs around

  • 25cm of fabric (or two fat quarters)
  • a piece of 2cm wide elastic
  • interfacing (the stiff iron on kind) *optional
  • notions to match

Here’s some easy instructions:

1. Measure your toddler from waist to knee. Measure her waist circumference too. Write it down then look back in ten years and marvel at how tiny your kid was then.

2. Cut a piece of fabric  that’s 6cm longer than the waist to knee measurement and around 150cm or 60″ in length (that’s the standard width of a piece of fabric). You should have a nice long rectangle of fabric.

3. Cut a strip off your fabric 5cm in width and 150cm in length-this will be for the waist band. Put that to one side

4. Fold over twice and hem one of the long edges of your skirt. This will be the bottom. If you have a 2mm hemming foot for your sewing machine-fabulous, they make a really nice finish for kids’ clothes.

5. If you have a gathering foot for your sewing machine, get it out and run a gathering stitch along the top edge. If not, make a running stitch that you will be able to pull and gather some ruffles in the skirt. Pull and gather your ruffles until they are around 8cm larger than your kid’s waist measurement.

6. Take the waistband and iron on some interfacing. This will stiffen up the fabric and make it easier to work with.

7. With right sides together, place one of the long edges of the waistband fabric against the gathered edge of the skirt and machine stitch. Fold over and iron the other edge of the waistband down with a 5mm hem. Pin this on the inside of the fabric and sew down.

8. Thread elastic through this waistband casing and adjust to fit your child’s waist.  Stitch the raw ends of the elastic together.

9. Finally, stitch the side hem on the short side of the fabric together-voila!



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