Make a cosy toes for a buggy or stroller

cosy toes

It’s beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas in the UK with temperatures down around my ankles and a touch of frost too. Now’s the time to wrap up the little people too so here’s the recipe for making a simple cosy toes for a buggy.

You need…. 2 rectangles of fabric of the same size. One open ended zip and a way of fastening the cosy toes into your buggy. I used velcro for my Maclaren XLR buggy.

1. Measure your buggy and your child. The cosy toes wants to fit snugly inside the buggy and round your child so decide how long you want it to be (covering the feet) and how wide.

2. Cut two pieces of fabric to your measurements. Make sure you use fabrics that have been pre washed so the colours don’t run into each other. I used a soft fleece on the outside and cotton for the inside.

Cosy toes for a buggy

3. Stitch the zip into each side of the inside layer of the fabric. Stitch the zip to the outer layer then with right sides together, stitch round the outside of the two layers, leaving a gap to turn it inside out and discretely stitch the seams together.

4. Now to attach the cosy toes to the buggy. You might want to create a pocket at the top so it slips over the top of the buggy, you could use poppers (plastic KAM poppers work well) to popper it on or attached velcro straps over the back of the buggy to match a piece of velcro on the back of the seat.

5. No cosy toes is complete without holes for the straps to feed through. Measure the width of the straps at the widest point (bear in mind you need to get the buckles through the holes) and cut the appropriate holes in the cosy toes. Stitch a zig zag around the holes to keep them in place.

6. The cosy toes is designed to be open at the end to accommodate muddy boots. If you have a baby you might want to stitch the end closed with a view to opening up the seam when your child is older (and muddier).



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