Interesting facts about zips

Following from my last post about zips, have at look at your zip, does it have YKK on it? About 90% of the world’s zips are made by this one company, Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki Kaisha (Yoshida manufacturing company). It’s a Japanese owned company that like so many in this part of the world, flexes its might across several sectors (architecture, machinery…)

I used to live in Japan hence my interest in YKK indeed there was an outlet for the company within a few hundred yards of my little apartment. I used to wonder what went on behind their doors but never felt it was quite appropriate or sensible to knock and ask. I suspect they would have been quite kind but suspicious as to why one of the three foreign teachers in town was having a nose round.

YKK produce 7 million zips a day according to their website, suggesting that there are a similar amount of zips that fail every day. Now I’m not elitist about zips but I do feel that if you have the know-how to make 7,000,000 zips, you’re probably doing something right. YKK I salute (and bow to) you.


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