Knitting i-cord

Previously I hadn’t seen the point of knitting i-cord until I started making bunting-now I’m a bit of a convert. It’s so simple, you need a pair of double ended needles on which you cast on, say 3 stitches. Now knit the three and then knit them again but before you do, push the stitches to the other end of the double ended needles (so don’t switch hands). There’s lots of demos on YouTube to check out it’s perfect for joining up the bunting flags!


2 thoughts on “Knitting i-cord

  1. Hi – thanks for following my blog – although I confess I haven’t written anything about knitting yet [] – it is on my list… I used this type of cord on a baby’s hat recently as a ‘tail’ and it worked very well. currently, I am knitting some dolly clothes – my grand-daughter’s Katie doll wants them I’m told, but more normally I knit for the charity ‘Knitting for Peace’. They use some material s here in the UK but a lot goes overseas to children etc.

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